Thursday, October 29, 2009

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I did something today that no one in this immense wide world has ever done.

Before I relate my experience, let me remind you of the movie "Garden State" where the young lady tries to encourage her beau to stand up and jump around in place. (He maintained she'd taken one too many turns on the hamster wheel.) But, to her, she was doing something at that very time, in that very spot, that nobody else was doing. She was making history!

We make history all the time. As a Personal Historian, I sincerely believe we all have stories to tell. Too often the historic stories die with us. They die for the lack of a listener.

So, I'll relate my aforementioned history. My husband assembled a "Kitty Walk" so that our
five cats would do "their business" outside instead of being forced to do it on the carpet because their masters don't clean the litter box.

Come kitty walk along with me: Our smarter than the average cats are supposed to enter through the "kitty door" into a mesh tunnel all of their own. At the end, aha, is sand. However, after 24 hours, none of them from "Bob" to "Little 'UN" had used the sand as a litter box.

As a resourceful person, I scooped up some dirty litter from inside to mix in with the, so far, pristine sand. The litter went through the mesh just fine. However, the chunks gave me a pause. Consequently, I actually fed each piece through the mesh. Mothers will do most anything to train their litte 'uns.

Most importantly, I made history. I challenge anyone to find somebody who shoved cat droppings through mesh on October 29, 2009.

Life. Legacy. Passion.

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